The Warwickshire Scandal [Drama]


20030809By Alison Sutcliffe, based on the book by Elizabeth Hamilton.

The marriage in 1866 of Harriett Moncrieffe to Sir Charles Mordaunt of Walton Hall, Warwickshire, was beset with problems from the start.

Her involvement with the Prince Of Wales and several members of his set, as well as the dubious parentage of her child, led to one of the most celebrated divorce cases of the 19th Century.

Harriett....Fritha Goodey Sir Charles....Jonathan Keeble Jessie....Catherine Kanter Reynolds/Prince....Richard Derrington Mrs Hancox....Gillian Goodman Mrs Carruthers....Marian Kemmer Ballantine/Dudley....Ian Brooker Dr Orford/Sir Thomas....Robert Lister Henry/Dr Priestley....James Howard Pianist: Paul Herbert Directed by Peter Leslie Wild