20170827 (BBC7)Solly is bright, 16 and black. As leaving school approaches, what does his future hold?

About to leave school, 16-year-old Solly is bright but going through a bad patch. His schoolwork's deteriorated, his conduct is becoming rebellious - or that's what Mr Teale thinks.

But Solly is the only black face in the class and that makes all the difference...

Caryl Phillips' first radio play won a Giles Cooper Award in the same year of broadcast.

Starring Tony Armatrading as Solly Daniels, Carmen Munroe as Mrs Daniels, Rudolph Walker as Roy Daniels, Graham Padden as Mr Teale, Adrian Harvey as Chris Daniels, Mark Audley as Tagger, Tracey Ann Bell as Tracey, Amanda Dainty as Jenny, Roger Hume as the Headmaster, Peter Brookes as the Gym Teacher, David Hannah as Bates, Shirley Stelfox as Station Announcer, Tony McPherson as the Immigrant and members of the Birmingham Youth Theatre.

Producer: Vanessa Whitburn

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1984.