Ruby Wax gets to grips with some life's really big issues, plays some seriously good comedy and talks back to anybody who happens to be in the studio.

0101Love And Sex:20030524
0102Age And Aging20030531Each week Ruby sets the record straight on a different topic and with the occasional aid of the world's greatest comedians, tells you more about the subject than you ever thought you wanted to know.
0103Families20030607Ruby Wax tackles family issues, from parenthood to sibling rivalry, using comedy clips and her inimitable wit and flair.
With contributions from Elayne Boosler, Robert Klein and Rita Rudnor.
0104Marriage20030614Ruby has her wicked way with the institution of marriage, from blushed proposal to rushed divorce or hushed old age, depending how your life pans out.
With comedy clips from Joan Rivers and Jo Brand
0105Consumer Culture20030621Ruby Wax and producer-writer Clive Tulloh take conspicuous consumption as their subject this week, that's shopping, eating, cosmetic surgery - everything that's important in life!.
0106Roots20030628Today she takes on cultural roots, ethnic humour, stereotypes and political correctness.
0107Roots20030705Ruby Wax presents the seventh in an eight-part series of live banter and comedy clips, assisted by her co-writer Clive Tulloh
0108 LASTFame20030712Ruby Wax concludes her series of comedy clips on life's big issues with the subject of fame.
Including contributions from Jo Brand, Harvey Fierstein, Phyllis Diller and Eddie Izzard
01XMASChristmas20031225Ruby Wax and Clive Tulloh debate the pros and cons of the comedy of Christmas, Hanukah and other mid-winter festivals, lining up an array of the finest comedy clips for the season.
020120040417Ruby Wax returns to talk about life and death issues, play some cutting edge comedy and be extremely rude to her long suffering co-presenter, Clive Tulloh, in a comedy archive half hour.
0208 LAST20040605



  • Series two was also called "Wax On Two".