The Way We Live Right Now

Anthony Trollope's satirical novel about money, greed and dishonesty, updated by Jonathan Myerson.


0120080616Former British tennis star Felix 'Flex' Carbury once had a career.

Now he has a problem.

0220080617International financier Ghassan Mehmoud has money but not the profile he craves.
0320080618Organic farmer Roger Lloyd-Montague is devoted to Hetta Carbury.

If only she were as devoted to him.

0420080619Jeremy Longstaff MP loses both his football club and his daughter to Mehmoud.
0520080620Will Flex have the courage to ask Mehmoud for his daughter's hand?
0620080623Paul Montague is visited by an old friend.
0720080624Marie is plotting to elope, but is it worth Flex's while?
0820080625For both Paul and Marie, freedom is so close and yet so far away.
0920080626Mehmoud plans to triumph at the Powercure Ball.
1020080627Who will be seen at the Powercure Ball now the Mehmoud name is toxic?
1120080630Now that Ghassan Mehmoud is a peer, can he save his business empire and his name?
1220080701Flex faces the wrath of Jason Crumb.
1320080702Flex may be wounded, but it's his sister who is really hurting.
1420080703Where can Ghassan Mehmoud run?
15 LAST20080704In the glare of scandal, some hearts are mended.