of The Wind in the Willows

Five short stories inspired by the main characters in The Wind in the Willows, to mark the 100th anniversary of the publication of Kenneth Grahame's children's classic.

01Rat 20081020By Candia McWilliam.
A doctor on a geriatric ward is surprised to come face to face with a figure from his past.
Read by Crawford Logan
02Mole 20081021By David Almond.
A couple with a young daughter relocate to the countryside.
Advised to deal with the moles in their garden, they employ the village handyman to poison the creatures.
But their daughter has other ideas.
Read by Laura Smales.
03Weasel 20081022By Zoe Strachan.
A Victorian East End pawn broker gets more than he bargained for when a mysterious woman visits his shop.
Read by Paul Young
04Badger 20081023By Mark McNay.
In a deteriorating Scottish community, an ex-miner tries to steer his nephew away from sectarianism.
Read by Gary Lewis.
05 LASTToad 20081024By Beatrice Colin.
A poor family in the American south is visited by an academic collecting old folk songs.
But his recording of the elder daughter does not quite go to plan.
Read by Laurel Lefkow