We Johns - Biggles Flies North


01Biggles Gets A Letter20080107 (BBC7)
20130102 (BBC7)

Answering an old chum's call for help, the hero pilot flies to Fort Beaver. Michael Palin reads Captain WE Johns' adventure.

02At The Three Star Saloon20080108 (BBC7)
20130103 (BBC7)

When the pilot hero finds his chum is missing from the aerodrome, he crosses swords with the evil McBain. Read by Michael Palin.

03The Jupiter Heads Northward20080109 (BBC7)
20130104 (BBC7)

The legendary pilot faces more trouble from the evil McBain, as he prepares to leave the local saloon. Read by Michael Palin.

04Some Grim Encounters20080110 (BBC7)
20130107 (BBC7)

With the crackle of vicious machine-gun fire from another plane, the Jupiter is forced to take action. Read by Michael Palin.

05Southward Again20080111 (BBC7)
20130108 (BBC7)

With the Jupiter stranded, thoughts of rescue fade as the chums realise who's roaring towards them. Read by Michael Palin.

06A New Peril20080114 (BBC7)
20130109 (BBC7)

As the evil McBain plots to steal the gold, the air ace flies off in pursuit. Michael Palin reads Captain WE Johns' adventure.

07Ginger Acts Alone!20080115 (BBC7)
20130110 (BBC7)

Trapped in a flaming jailhouse by the angry mob, the air ace is left with two equally harrowing choices. Read by Michael Palin.

08 LASTAt The Eleventh Hour20080116 (BBC7)
20130111 (BBC7)

Tied to a tree, will the air ace and his chums meet an untimely end? Michael Palin concludes Captain WE Johns' adventure.