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Rosamond Lehmann's classic account of the joy and anguish of an illicit love affair continues the story of Olivia, whose rite of passage into adulthood was described in Invitation To The Waltz.
Now living a faintly bohemian life in the London of the early 1930s, Olivia meets up again with Rollo, the handsome and unhappily married son of Lord and Lady Spencer, and falls prey once more to his charm and confidence.
Dramatised by Hattie Naylor.
Olivia....Eve Best Rollo....Jonathan Firth Lady Spencer....Diana Quick Kate....Jenny Coverack Anna....Dee Sadler Simon....Ben Tinniswood Mrs Curtis....Jacqueline Tong Marigold....Rachel Lewis With Paul Dodgson, Joshua Boyden and Olivia Crook.
SNT0119790616 By: Rosamond Lehmann
Starring: Angela Pleasence/Simon Cadell 
SNT 19930731 By: Rosamond Lehmann
Starring: Angela Pleasence/Simon Cadell