The Wedding In Venice [Drama]


20120801When a doyenne of Sydney society happens to meet a charming, intelligent and cultured European prince, she is not put off by him working as a hotel concierge. Instead, she invites him to her charity ball so he can meet her daughter. Everything goes according to plan. Any suspicions about him are unfounded. Or so she tells herself.

Once they become engaged, her daughter is increasingly excited about the upcoming nuptials, which are to be held in a grand palazzo in Venice. The build up to the wedding is enormous, but an influential newspaper columnist and restaurant critic thinks he has a scoop. He investigates the prince and becomes determined to prove that, on many levels, he is not what he claims to be.

Louis Nowra has had his work translated into over ten languages. He has written for theatre, film, TV and opera and is the author of novels and non-fiction. After writing three plays for BBC Radio, this work is part of a Nowra special. 'The Wedding in Venice' and its sister play 'Echo Point' are about events in crumbling old houses, which influence the dramatic action. They were recorded in Australia with some of Sydney's most celebrated stage actors - with the same cast performing in both productions.

Technical Direction: David McCarthy and Peregrine Andrews

Produced and Directed by Judith Kampfner

A Corporation for Independent Media Production for BBC Radio 4.

The prospect of marriage to a Sydney heiress makes a Greek concierge desperately unhappy.