Oxford's Aladdin's cave for anthropologists seen through the eyes of five different visitors.

01The Engineer19990419 Tim Hunkin, cartoonist and maker of automata, examines the wooden heads that inspired his own contribution to the Pitt Rivers museum.
02The Archaeologist19990420 Barry Cunliffe finds amulets from around the world that represent parts of the body in need of a cure.
03The Novelist1999042120121231 (R4+)P D James included a Fijian whale tooth necklace in her novel `The Children of Men'.
She returns to the museum to discover more about its origins.
Novelist PD James included a whale tooth necklace in 'The Children Of Men'. She aims to learn more about it at a museum.
04The Historian19990422 Christina Hardyment discovers how the English longbow, so successful at Agincourt, compares with bows from around the world.
05 LASTThe Musician19990423 Musicologist Lucy Doran gets lost among the musical instruments collected by Pitt Rivers, Balfour and Captain Cook.


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  • Genre: Factual

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