Well, He Would, Wouldn't He? [Drama]


2013022320131115By Charlotte Williams. In 1963, at the tender age of 18, Mandy Rice-Davies found herself at the centre of one of the most sensational scandals of the 20th century. She was a witness in the trial of Stephen Ward who was charged with living off the earnings of prostitutes. At the age of 16 Mandy had run away to London and become a dancer at Murray's Club in the West End, where she'd met Christine Keeler and society osteopath, Stephen. Soon she was mixing with London's elite and living as Peter Rachman's mistress. But when there was a shooting incident at Stephen's flat, and news broke of Christine's secret affair with Government Minister John Profumo, events began to spiral out of control. Fifty years later, Mandy looks back at those events and the impact they've had on her life.

A BBC/Cymru Wales production, directed by Kate McAll.

By Charlotte Williams. Mandy Rice-Davies looks back on the Stephen Ward trial 50 years on.