Well Remembered Voice And Barbara's Wedding, A [Drama]


20031111A double bill of two beautiful J M Barrie short plays, chosen to accompany Armistice Day.

A Well-Remembered Voice: A couple have lost their son in the trenches.

The young man's mother tries to speak to him through a s退ance, while his father simply reminisces, by himself.

And yet in the process it is Mr Don, and not his wife, who is finally able to talk to their son, in a way he never could when the boy was alive.

Barbara's Wedding: The Colonel is in his dotage, and as his memory fades, past and present become intertwined.

He is visited by his beloved grandson and the young man's fianc退, Barbara.

But are they really there? And who is it exactly that Barbara is marrying? These beautiful, moving plays have been brought to life by a cast of some of Britain's finest actors, and have been adapted and directed for radio by Julia Mckenzie