Series of Welsh stories.

01Hwang 20081027Carys Davies's blackly comic story of betrayal, revenge and dry cleaning.
Read by Sian Thomas
02A Bird In The Hand20081028Owen Sheer's poetic story captures the moment when a relationship is over.
Read by Richard Harrington
03Sunset At Kastro's 20081029Aled Islwyn's tale of repressed longing.
A council worker from the Lleyn Peninsula unbuttons his secret life as he waits for Marco.
Read by Keiron Self.
04Do They Have Chips In China? 20081030A son's relationship with his father is sorely tested when he takes him on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to see the Terracotta Army.
Rhodri Clark's story is read by Iestyn Jones
05 LASTHow I Got My Confidence Back20081031After a damning review, a New York chef invites his critic for a five course dinner.
Joe Dunthorne's story is read by Greta Clough.