Series of new short stories from Wales by established and lesser-known authors.

01Golden Swirls20090929
By Anna Smith, read by Matthew Gravelle.
Seventeen-year-old Gavin does not enjoy being a carpet fitter - especially when he has to placate Mrs Leopold, an unsatisfied customer with a swirly coffee-coloured carpet.
But when they feel the wool/nylon mix beneath their bare feet, both are surprised at where it leads them.
02Moving On20090930By Catrin Gerallt, read by Sara McGaughey.
Now that Gareth has left, Bethan is on her own again, quietly terrified at finding herself in the category 'newly single mother-of-two'.
But an encounter in an Irish bar makes her realise that life is full of possibilities.
By Catrin Gerallt.
Now that Gareth has left, Bethan is on her own again.
03 LASTHurry On Sundown 20091001By Dan Anthony, read by Iestyn Jones.
In a police cell, Cliff tries to work out just what is worst about his situation - the fact that he is about to be charged for drunk and disorderly behaviour or that he appears to have time-travelled nearly 40 years.
By Dan Anthony.
Cliff gets to grips with the fact he seems to have time-travelled 40 years