What Does Boris Johnson Really Think?



What does Boris Johnson really think? Is there an overall philosophy or ideology which explains the prime minister's politics and indicates how he is likely to govern the country? Nick Robinson explores this question in conversation with friends, colleagues and close observers of Boris Johnson during his path to Downing Street.

We examine Mr Johnson's thinking on key domestic themes such as economic policy, regional devolution, infrastructure and the role of the state. We explore his own claim that he is a "Brexity Hezza" and a "One Nation" Conservative.

Critics have accused Mr Johnson of stoking racial prejudice and division in his use of language. We ask former colleagues, friends and observers about the truth of his views on race and immigration.

What does Boris Johnson really think about foreign affairs? We explore this question in relation to key policy dilemmas such as the UK's future relationship with the US and the crisis in the Middle East. We try to unpick the prime minister's views on Brexit and the EU, tracing the story back to his early days as a reporter in Brussels.

Can a coherent narrative be detected in Mr Johnson's political journey, or is he a chameleon, adapting to his environment in the pursuit of power?

Producer: Leala Padmanabhan

Nick Robinson explores Boris Johnson's political beliefs through interviews with insiders.