Kate Clanchy's account of her relationship with a Kosovan refugee.

01The Kosovan Woman 20080714One spring morning Kate meets Antigona, a Kosovan refugee, on her doorstep.
  • antigona....teuta skenderi
  • directed by Jonquil Panting
  • flora....Jade Williams
  • husband....Sam Dale
  • kate....Fiona Shaw
  • mark....Chris Pavlo
  • mihane....adelayo adedayo
  • ylli....lewis lempereur-palmer
  • 02Dirty And Clean 20080715Kate has employed Antigona as her cleaner.
    But the concept of cleanliness means very different things to Antigona and Kate.
    03Telling The True 20080716Why does Antigona work 80 hours a week? And why has she lied about her past?
    04Talk Talk 20080717Antigona finds her long-lost family and they find the mobile phone.
    05 LASTWho Do They Think They Are? 20080718Flora and Mihane are two Albanian teenagers in London with a divorced mother.
    Just who are they supposed to be?