What's He Building In There? [Drama]


20190430Original drama written by Rachel Smith.

Kate is desperate to get her gaming brother out of the attic before the family home is sold. But as Ryan’s attempts to build his online world erupt into a psychiatric crisis, she’s forced to confront uncomfortable truths about their past - live on the Tricky Milo channel. A drama about siblings coming to terms with loss, and finding each other in unexpected ways.

KATE....Christine Bottomley
RYAN....Mike Noble
JOHN....Wyllie Longmore
MAEVE....Angela Lonsdale

Other parts played by: Dora Davis, Lucy Greenaway, Isaac Lane, Noah Lane, Joe Pass, Luca Rawlinson, Eloise Westwood.

Programme consultant: psychiatrist Dr CM Shaw

Directed by Nadia Molinari

Original drama by Rachel Smith

Drama from BBC Radio 4