What's Wrong With Baby [Drama]


DRAMA20181030By Emma Jowett

Teenager Holly is the victim of online bullying. When she confides in her mother Helen about it, she makes her promise not to speak to the school. But Helen confronts the bully herself, and soon finds she's ensnared in a blackmail plot.

Helen.... Rebecca Callard
Eve.... Hollie Burgess
Holly.... Rosie Boore
Sandra.... Jeannette Percival
Mike.... Don Gilet
Miss Cooke.... Alexandra Constantinidi
Dr Mills.... Lucy Doyle
Neighbour.... Elizabeth Counsell

The piano was played by Peter Ringrose.

Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko

This is writer Emma Jowett first drama for Radio 4. In 2017, Emma reached the final selection of writers chosen for development via the BBC’s Scriptroom process and she is currently working on an idea for an original new three part TV drama. Her most recent theatre play, Out Flew A Bird, won Script Space at the Tobacco Factory Theatre, Bristol and reached the top 40 list in the Bruntwood Prize. An extract from her new play Island (in development) was included in the Women Centre Stage festival at the National Theatre.

Cyber-bullying, blackmail and larceny in Emma Jowett's moving drama.

Drama from BBC Radio 4