Emma Brockes celebrates the feel-good factor of film musicals with extracts take from her new book, abridged by Penny Leicester and read by Tracy Ann Oberman.

0120070205Love or loathe her, in the early years as your tastes develop, it's all about Julie Andrews, isn't it?
0220070206From drinking with Lemmy of Motorhead to the wonders of Yentl, and yes, Barbra herself.
0320070207Men have an awkward relationship with musicals, the reasons why are found in South Pacific.
0420070208There really is no escaping Barbra Streisand and the maverick attractions of Yentl - yes, you've been warned.
05 LAST20070209Welcome to the strange world of the 'aquamusical' with its 'aquabelles', and we can learn from their never say die attitudes.