Earlier anarchist thinkers could never have imagined that the powerful nation states they hated so much would be undermined not by popular revolt, but by global corporatism.

Twenty years ago, covering an anarchist conference in Venice, journalist Wayne Brittenden became fascinated with the diversity of delegates - from Spanish Civil War veterans to squatters, ivy league professors and punk rockers.

012005071020050713In the first of two talks, he reflects on this extraordinary event and on the heyday and potential fate of a largely forgotten political movement.
02 LAST2005071720050720Far from the stereotype of bearded bombers, respected figures such as Gandhi, Tolstoy and Thoreau had strong anarchist credentials.
In his concluding talk on this almost forgotten strain of political thought, Wayne Brittenden asks anarchist historian Peter Marshall whether there is any future for libertarian socialism in an age of globalised economy and diminishing political ideology.