Sabina contemplates becoming a single mother, despite what her community might think. But there are more than a few hurdles to overcome before she embarks on the first stage. For British Asian women of a certain generation, life can be complicated – even more so if you are Muslim, single and heading into your 40s. Sabina wonders what went wrong. A failed marriage? Compromised fertility? Or perhaps she’s just too choosy? She confides in her best friend Amber that she’s planning to freeze her eggs, just in case. Amber is anxious - what will your mum think? And when she mentions single motherhood to Nadeem on a first date, he is surprisingly judgemental. Sabina realises she’s going to have to work out what she wants and make her own choices, not simply go along with what everyone else wants. Wheatish is a story about a woman facing up to her own desires, her life and her mother.

The author Yasmeen Khan is an award-winning broadcaster and writer. She has made documentaries for Radio 4 and has written for theatre - including Break The Floorboards (Rifco/Watford Palace), Twelve (Kali Theatre) and Don't You Know Who I Am? (The Pleasance). She is currently writing for EastEnders.

Director Aisha Khan is an experienced theatre director and dramaturge. Currently Co-Artistic Director of Freedom Studios in Bradford, she has directed When I Say I Love You by Pete Bowker (Slung Low Shorts) and Beep (Northern Bullets). Wheatish is her directorial debut for Radio 4.

Sabina – Mina Anwar
Amber – Nadia Emam
Sarah – Jeanette Percival
Mum – Rani Moorthy
Nadeem – Esh Alladi

Writer: Yasmeen Khan
Director: Aisha Khan
Producer: Melanie Harris
Executive Producer: Jeremy Mortimer
Sound Designer: Eloise Whitmore

A Sparklab production for BBC Radio 4

Drama from BBC Radio 4