Wheatstone Pond, The [Robert Westall]


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After a boating lake is drained an antiques dealer is embroiled in a deadly occult mystery

4 Extra Debut. After a boating lake is drained, a clairvoyant antiques dealer becomes embroiled in a deadly occult mystery. Stars John Duttine.

Once an Edwardian boating haven, the Wheatstone Pond has acquired a dark and chilling atmosphere – with a vile odour hanging around its waters.

After a tragic suicide, the pond is drained and some rather unusual artefacts begin to emerge...

Robert Westall’s deadly occult mystery dramatised by Martyn Read.


Jeff Morgan …. John Duttine
Hermione …. Teresa Gallagher
James …. John Webb
DI Crittenden …. Ian Brooker
Mr Makepiece/Mr Maidment …. Christopher Scott
Mossy …. Peter Meakin
Rose …. Lorna Laidlaw
The Children …. Jack Halsey and Richard Ganjavi

Directed at BBC Birmingham by Rosemary Watts.

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2004.

Robert Westall's deadly occult mystery.

Starring John Duttine as Morgan, Teresa Gallagher as Hermione, John Webb as James, Ian Brooker as DI Crittenden, Christopher Scott as Mr Makepeace, Peter Meakin as Mossy, Lorna Laidlaw as Rose and Jack Halsey and Richard Ganjavi as the Children.