The Wheels Of Power


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Ben Wright speaks to the best-informed people in politics: ministerial car drivers. And he hears some extraordinary behind-the-wheel tales from these previously discreet public servants.

Ministerial car drivers have become almost legendary, appearing as wise Whitehall sages in everything from ministers' memoirs to Yes, Minister! They have never spoken for themselves: until now. In this programme, Ben speaks to former drivers and reveals what the official history of the Government Car Service - long hidden within Whitehall and only released after a Freedom of Information request - contains.

The drivers discuss the dramatic changes to the service over the years, and take us behind closed (car) doors at some of the most memorable moments in modern political history.

Producer: Giles Edwards

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in May 2011.

Ben Wright speaks to the people who see everything in politics: ministerial car drivers.