When Last I Saw You [Drama]


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When Last I Saw You
by Peter Whalley

Psychological thriller. When the law has failed, is it ever morally acceptable to impose your own justice? Jane, by chance, says she has found the man who violently attacked her five years ago.
But Jane, a few years ago, mistakenly identified a man who she thought attacked her.
So who is this man she's accusing, and has she got it right this time?

Produced and directed by Pauline Harris

Further Info

Lyndsey Marshall - is best known for her performance in The Hours, and as the recurring character Cleopatra on HBO's Rome, and as Lady Sarah Hill in BBC period drama Garrow's Law

Peter Whalley has written many taut psychological radio dramas for Radio 4, including The Longest Journey, The Missing Wife and The Trial. He was a long standing writer of Coronation Street before retiring, and is the author of ten thriller novels.

Jane says she has found the man who attacked her five years ago, but he denies it.

Drama from BBC Radio 4