Mark Radcliffe looks back 30 years to the second rock n roll revolution to hit the UK….Rockabilly.

20 years after Bill Haley and Elvis first appeared , a new rock n roll scene was bubbling under in the UK clubs, based around rare American rockabilly records from the 1950`s, that had never been issued in Britain.

Names like Charlie Feathers, Mac Curtis, Ray Campi, Billy Lee Riley, Don Woody, Sonny Burgess and many more, were revered amongst the fans, but unknown to the general public.

The programme tells how the music leapt out of the rock n roll `underground` and for a few short years, became the hottest new cult in pop music with major record companies signing new bands, as well as digging out long-lost rockabilly tracks from their vaults, for first-time release in the UK.

It also tells how thousands of rock n roll fans marched on BBC Broadcasting House in 1976, demanding to hear `their` music on the nations` airwaves and how this resulted in two unknown London pub DJs, Stuart Colman and Geoff Barker, being catapulted onto Radio 1, with a progamme that arguably kick-started the rockabilly movement.

We hear from Colman and Barker along with musicians from bands at the time, including rockabilly hit-makers Matchbox, The Jets, The Polecats and Shakin` Stevens: original American rockabilly artistes, MacCurtis and Sonny Burgess and key UK bands, Crazy Cavan and Flying Saucers and hear the story of rockabilly`s biggest hit, Jungle Rock by the obscure Hank Mizell.

Along with BBC archive sessions recorded for the Radio 1 programme which have not been aired since 1977, the programme rejoices in the times when, for a while, it seemed that rockabilly really did rule...OK?

The programme concludes with a look at Rockabilly today..30 years after the revolution!

Music Played

Johnny Burnette & The Rock n Roll Trio / Rockabilly Boogie

Rockin` Rollin` Stone / Andy Starr

Rockin` Daddy / Sonny Fisher

Slippin In / Eddie Bond,

Elvis, Scotty & Bill / Baby Let`s Play House

Mac Curtis / If I Had Me A Woman

Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers….Teddy Boy Rock N Roll

Charlie Feathers / One Hand Loose

Crazy Cavan / Rockabilly Star

Don Woody / You`Re Barking Up The Wrong Tree:

Carl Perkins / Put Your Cat Clothes On:

Billy Lee Riley / Flying Saucers Rock N Roll:

Webb Pierce / Teenage Boogie

Hank Mizell / Jungle Rock

Ray Campi / Tore Up

The Duals / Stick Shift:

Flying Saucers / Piano Nellie:

Shaky / `It`S Rock N Roll (Theme)

Hank C Burnette / Spinning Rock Boogie

Crazy Cavan / Wildest Cat In Town (BBC Session)

Mac Curtis / Ducktail:

Sonny Burgess / We Wanna Boogie;

Matchbox / Rockabilly Rebel

Mac Curtis / Goosebumps (BBC Session)

The Jets / Yes Tonight Josephine:

The Polecats / Rockabilly Guy

The Polecats / John I`m Only Dancing

Robert Gordon & Link Wray / Red Hot:

Stray Cats / Runaway Boys

Darrel Higham / Down The Line:

Jack Rabbit Slim / Jeeze Louise:

Furious / The Asbo Shuffle:

(Reprise ) Matchbox / Rockabilly Rebel

6M20091214Mark Radcliffe looks back at the rockabilly revival of the 70s.
First broadcast 2007.
20080415An exploration of how US rockabilly music emerged in the 1950s and spread to Europe.