The geographical panel game which takes a whistle-stop tour of the globe, giving us insights into fascinating places and the rich cultural heritage of our world.

John Simpson invites three guests to join him on a journey of discovery and to test their knowledge of the world.

On the way, we hear the guests' own travelling tales, while finding out about everything from music, to literature, and the social etiquette of different places around the globe..

Guests include Sir Chris Bonington and Simon Brett.

010420051207With Simon Brett, Hugh Dennis and Clare Francis
010520051214With Simon Brett, Ken Hames and Valerie Singleton
010620051221With Simon Brett, Frances Edmonds and Dan Snow
010720051228With Simon Brett, Frances Edmonds and Dan Snow
020120061011Jo Foley, Sue Perkins and John Sergeant
020220061018Simon Brett, Simon Fanshawe and Clare Nasir
020320061025With Simon Brett, Alex Butterworth and Kamila Shamsie
020420061101Simon Brett, Alex Butterworth and Kamila Shamsie
020520061108Hugh Dennis, Lorelei King and John Sessions
020620061115Guests are Helen Atkinson Wood, Hugh Dennis and Crispin Swayne.



  • 15 Minutes