Where This Service Will [Drama]


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By Katherine Jakeways

Suzie receives an unexpected guest at her husband’s funeral. The latest instalment of the romantic comedy about a couple who met on a train.

Suzie is struggling through one of the hardest days of her life – the funeral of her husband Frank. David arrives, unexpectedly, to support her through it. But there’s only so much support you can accept from the man you’re steadily falling in love with, when you’re supposed to be busy burying your husband.

It's over two years since Suzie and David sat next to each other on a train journey from London to Penzance. Both married, they shared an intense and unforgettable five and a half hours. Since then they’ve both enjoyed escaping their middle-aged lives together. But now there’s no escape from reality; it’s crunch time for their relationship.

A romantic comedy from writer Katherine Jakeways. The Radio Times described Katherine as the 'new Victoria Wood' saying "her character comedy is so acutely observed and so sharp that it's in danger of causing permanent injury." Starring Rosie Cavaliero (Prey) and Justin Edwards (The Thick of It).

Suzie…. Rosie Cavaliero
David…. Justin Edwards
Josh…. Luke Nunn
Gareth…. Michael Bertenshaw
Pam…. Katherine Jakeways

Directed by James Robinson
A BBC Cymru Wales Production

By Katherine Jakeways. Latest instalment of the comedy about a couple who met on a train.

Radio 4 drama