Whistle In The Dark, A [Drama On 3]


20091220By Tom Murphy.

This powerful modern classic play is set in the early 1960s and centres on the reunion of an Irish family in Coventry. Michael Carney, with the help of his English wife, Betty, is putting up his brothers Harry, Iggy and Hugo in his house. When Dada arrives from Ireland with Des, the youngest brother, it has devastating consequences for all of them.

Dada.... John Kavanagh

Michael Carney.... Aidan McArdle

Des Carney.... Martin McCann

Harry Carney.... Denis Conway

Iggy Carney.... David Wilmot

Hugo Carney.... Garrett Lombard

Mush.... Ruaidhri Conroy

Betty.... Emma Amos

Director/producer: Roland Jaquarello.

Powerful classic play set in the early 1960s, centring on the reunion of an Irish family.