The Whistling Woman





Soprano and broadcaster Catherine Bott explores the art of whistling. It was once thought to be bad luck or unsuitable for a woman but Catherine herself is an inveterate whistler, often finding herself doing so unconsciously when she is doing her shopping.

Catherine considers the myths surrounding whistling women. She meets Sheila Harrod, a former champion whistler and celebrates the remarkable career of Ronnie Ronalde who was a huge whistling star in the 1940s and 50s.

Catherine speaks to Tamas Hacki, a former professional whistler and doctor who has studied the physiology of whistling compared with singing. And she learns about whistling as a means of communication in places like the Spanish island of La Gomera.

With contributions from John Lucas who has co-authored a history of whistling, Julien Meyer who has researched whistled speech and has written a book about it, and Simon and Eleanor Grant.