Five stories from Wales with a magical theme

01A Year In Porth Nant2003090120040725by Sian Preece.
The discovery of an old spell has unexpected results.
Read by Sara McGaughey.
02The Blackberry Season2003090220040801by Jo Mazelis.
According to superstition, blackberries picked after 6th October are poisonous because the devil spat on them.
What better fruit to serve to an enemy?
Read by Siriol Jenkins
03The Notorious Daughters Of Venus2003090320040808by Ceri Jordan.
A writer is persuaded that two local spinsters are practising black magic.
How else will the village become famous? Read by Eiry Thomas.
04Auntie Shar's Reasoning2003090420040815When a Goan mail-order bride drops in at a women's centre, it isn't to take refuge but to offer assistance.
Read by Clare Isaac.
Produced by Alison Hindell
05 LASTMrs Picano's Bakery2003090520040822by Celia Bryce.
When Mr Picano loses his job, his wife's bakery business starts to suffer.
Until the arrival of a strange visitor in the garden.
Read by Kathryn Dimery.