The White Man's Burden [Drama]


20100918A radio adaptation of Paul Theroux's stage play about the young Rudyard Kipling's humiliating final months as an American resident. The great English writer plans to settle in Vermont with his American wife, but a clash with his brother-in-law results in death threats, a court case and public scandal. Will Kipling manage to keep his head when all about are losing theirs?

Rudyard Kipling.... Nicholas Boulton

Carrie Kipling.... Teresa Gallagher

Beatty Balestier.... Nathan Osgood

Mary Hackett.... Sasha Pick

Howard/ Hitt.... David Rintoul

Conland/ Judge Newton.... Peter Marinker

Fitts.... John Guerrasio

Written by Paul Theroux

Adapted and directed by Emma Harding.

Adaptation of Paul Theroux's stage play about Rudyard Kipling's time in America.