Sagar Arya reads Aravind Adiga's Man Booker Prize-winning satire on contemporary India.

The story of Balram Halwai, the son of a rickshaw puller, who escapes the rural poverty of his village into the bright lights and corruption of the city.

0120090223The White Tiger gets his name.
0220090224Balram finds work in a teashop, but his eyes are set on greater things.
When the chance of a job as a chauffeur comes up, he sees a way out of his family's grinding poverty.
0320090225Balram quickly learns the ropes in his new position as number two driver and leaves his family, his village and his scruples behind as he sets his sights on promotion.
0420090226Balram's wealthy employers are moving to Delhi, but only one driver will be needed - Balram is determined to make sure the job is his.
0520090227Balram has made it to the city, and quickly learns that he will need some sharp survival tactics to make his way.
0620090302Balram comes up against the corruption at the heart of his wealthy employers' lives as a road accident leaves him taking the blame for Pinky Madam's drunkenness.
0720090303As his employer's marriage falls apart and his business dealings become even more corrupt, Balram begins to dream of the glittering prizes that his new life offers.
0820090304Temptation stares Balram in the face as he sees just how deeply his employer is mired in the corruption of the city.
0920090305Balram's fateful decision has been made and now is the moment when he passes the point of no return.
10 LAST20090306Balram has made it out of the darkness and into the dazzle of entrepreneurial success.
The cost has been high, and could be even higher in the future, but for the White Tiger the price has been worth it.