01The Universal Story2003050520040405Roxana Pope reads this multi-layered tale about - among many other things - a woman in a second hand bookshop, a female housefly, and the successive owners of a 1974 Penguin edition of The Great Gatsby Produced by David Jackson Young 
02Gothic20030506 A disenchanted bookshop assistant describes some of her less savoury customers.
Read by Gerda Stevenson 
03May. Part 12003050720040406' I tell you.
I fell in love with a tree.
I couldn't not.
It was in blossom.' Read by Emma Currie 
04May, Part 22003050820040407'You sit beside me on the couch and you tell me you are planning to move the tree into our house.' Kirk Bage reads the concluding part of a tale of unusual romantic obsession.
05 LASTThe Shortlist Season2003050920040408Visiting a gallery, a man realises that art is bad for his health.
Read by Simon Tait