Why Don't You Stop Talking?

Series of short dramas by Jackie Kay.


01A Guid Scot's Death20031117

From her hospital bed, an elderly Scottish woman approaches her death with grit and spare humour.

As her daughter and son fuss round her bedside, she reflects on her life and those she is leaving behind.

A haunting mix of old dance music, the sea and her last frail breaths create a striking background to her thoughts.

This is a tough, unsentimental but very moving view of old age and mortality.

Starring Lesley Sharp


A woman takes the same walk every day, and panics when she doesn't meet the same people along the way.

We join her as she talks us through her route, accompanied by a monologue with sound track describing the action underneath - the things she sees, the voices of people passing by, a man trying to whistle for his dog, geese honking.

Then one day she sees two women in a lingering, passionate embrace.

Their kiss changes her life forever.

After that, her general over tidiness and cleanliness begins to slip and she realises that she too wants to some passion in her life.

03Why Don't You Stop Talking?20031119

Thelma just can't seem to hold her tongue.

Thelma is attacked in a supermarket by a woman who criticises what she has in her trolley.

She is shocked.

All the way home the scene replays itself in her head.

She replays conversations she had with her Nan when she was younger, who was constantly telling her to stop yabbering.She has another confrontation with a man in the card shop 'I was here first ' he says.

Then she tries to intervene when she sees a woman shaking her child - and gets a mouthful from her too.

At the end of the day she decides her tongue has got her into trouble.

So what is she going to do about it?

04Married Women20031120

A witty and touching monologue from Doctor Winters, working on the pathology and histopathology of a systemic granuloma in fish, telling of her sequential, transient affairs with married women until she meets Isabel and real, overwhelming love fills her life.

04Married Women:20031120

A harassed single mother struggles to keep the housework under control and look after her bolshy teenage son.

It is a thankless task.

Finally, slowly, almost imperceptibly she starts to give up the fight, as the skin on her back slowly thickens and scales over, her skin wrinkles and she finds nothing more delightful than sitting on the lawn in the sun, chewing on grass and clover.

05 LASTShell2003112120031128