Why Mummy Drinks (omnibus)


2019062920190630 (BBC7)

Ellen is a stressed-out working mum. She's got high hopes of having a perfect life, but the gulf between her aspiration and her reality is an ever-widening chasm of chaos.

This, however, is the year that everything will change...for sure.

Omnibus of Gill Sims’s funny, frank and feisty novel dramatised by Christine Entwisle.

Ellen … Gabriel Quigley
Simon … Stuart McQuarrie
Louisa … Maryam Hamidi
Sylvia … Joanna Tope
Michael … Crawford Logan
Kathy … Sally Reid

Director: Kirsty Williams.

First broadcast in five parts on BBC Radio 4 in 2019.

Funny, frank and feisty adaptation of Gill Sims's bestselling novel.