The Wife

By Meg Wolitzer

Read by Liza Ross.


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Second of two short stories by Malachi Whitaker, read by Stephanie Turner.

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Broadcast history

19 Oct 1990 22:45-23:00 (RADIO 4)


Malachi Whitaker (Author)

Stephanie Turner (rdr)

Recorded on 1989-01-23.

0120041122By Meg Wolitzer

Read by Liza Ross.

Just why does a wife, aged 64 and apparently content, suddenly plan to leave her highly successful author-husband of 40 years?

0220041123Joe and Joan journey to Finland, where Joe will be given recognition for his literary endeavours.

But Joan plans to leave him.

Today she recalls Joe's shambling in to teach a group of articulate, educated students.

0320041124Today, the charismatic young Joe Castleman practices his seduction techniques on his most talented student, with predictable results.
0420041125As Joan plans her escape from a loveless union, she looks back at the ties that have bound her.
0520041126Joan finds that life in an artist's garret proves less romantic than she'd hoped.

Now, she must rescue both Joe and herself from a catastrophe of their own making.

0620041129On a plane on her way to Helsinki, Joan decides for certain that she is to leave her husband.
0720041130The arrival of Joe's would-be biographer in Helsinki offers Joan a chance to tell her side of the story.

But where do her loyalties lie?

0820041201The bitterness of betrayals.

As the moment of her departure approaches, Joan recalls the years when Joe was predatory and she was simply acquiescent.

Liza Ross continues the story of a marriage made in the fifties but coming of age in the seventies.

0920041202As the crowds cheer and the Finns raise their glasses, Joe takes centre stage.

Joan is watching from the balcony.

10 LAST20041203For Joan, it is time to speak at last.

But as she announces her decision, Joe has one more surprise for her.