The Wild Lame And The Indifferent


EMS20120513"A journey through the multi-faceted solo keyboard music that the 18th Century Jean-Philippe Rameau composed in his long career, introduced by Lucie Skeaping.

Rameau's first compositions were for the harpsichord and throughout his life he produced a rich and varied collection of short works for the instrument, many of which represent some of the greatest solo keyboard music of the French Baroque. Some of the pieces are dances; others are explorations of compositional and keyboard techniques; while others again are ""character pieces"" with colourful titles such as ""The Wild"", ""The Lame"" and ""The Indifferent"".

Lucie Skeaping looks back over the music, explaining a little about the ideas and background to the pieces, and introduces a range of recordings from Sophie Yates, Christophe Rousset, Celine Frisch and Alexandre Tharaud amongst others."