Wild Horse Diaries [Book Of The Week]

By Lizzie Spender, read by Carolyn Pickles.



When Lizzie was eight, her father - the poet Stephen Spender - was given £50 to buy her a pony, but for one reason and another it never materialised.

It was nearly 50 years later before she was presented with the horse she'd longed for all her life - a wild horse that she'd seen from a helicopter when flying above the deserted Kimberley in North West Australia.


Lizzie has been given the horse she's longed for all her life, a wild horse she spotted from a helicopter whilst flying over a remote area of North West Australia.

But is this dream horse just a nice idea, something to be talked about once she returns home, or can she make her dream a reality?

Can she go back to the Kimberley and find her horse again, and if she finds it how will she capture it and break it in?


Lizzie has decided to leave her husband, Barry Humphries, to get on with his work commitments alone whilst she goes back to the remote cattle station in North West Australia where she has been given the horse of her dreams.

But the horse is a wild horse, and first she has to find it in the huge expanse of the Kimberley, and with the help of a horse whisperer, catch and gentle it.


The horse whisperer has arrived at the remote cattle station in North West Australia to help Lizzie find her wild horse.

But her adventure is fraught with danger and on the day of the muster, she wakes to the knowledge that even if they find her dream horse, rounding it up into one of the makeshift yards with the help of a helicopter and quad bikes is a skilled and risky job.

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Lizzie can hardly believe that she has not just one, but more than 20 wild horses in the yard at the remote outback cattle station.

But now she faces an agonising choice, which of the beautiful Australian brumbies will she choose to make her own?