A pack of hounds chases a hare across the sea...

the hare boards a boat and is transformed into a beautiful woman, the hounds become three priests.

Recorded on location in Kerry, Patricia Lysaght, Professor of Irish Folklore from University College Dublin, introduces a lost myth from the extreme south west of IRELAND which she recently discovered from the arcHIVes of the Irish Folklore Commission.

It's a dramatic and challenging story of sailors who encounter the restless dead cursed to chase across the sea in a hunt which never finds land.

Professor Lysaght explores the story in relation to the intriguing blend of local legend and Irish Catholicism.

New works by Scottish writers appearing at the Edinburgh Festival.

Wish I Was Here Jackie Jay reads her own riveting short story in which the postcard cliché is disturbingly turned on its head when friendship and desire become lethally mixed in a holiday cocktail with bite and depth.

Broadcast Dates

  • 20030818 (Radio 3)