Wild In The Garden

Chris Baines takes a fresh look at our gardens from the point of view of our wildlife


01A Glade In The Urban Forest20011014
01A Glade In The Urban Forest20011014
02Feeding The Flocks20011021

Chris Baines shows how sparrowhawks reflect the health of local bird populations and how our gardens are becoming increasingly important for birds.

03The Pollinators20011028

Chris Baines learns how to build nestboxes for bumblebees and discovers the delights of backyard moth-trapping.

04Pools Winners20011104

Chris Baines looks at why our garden ponds are proving so valuable for protecting frog and toad populations, as country ponds are drained or polluted.

05 LASTThe Biggest Nature Reserve Of All20011111

He considers the collective importance of the nation's gardens.