Wild Mary [Book Of The Week]



Mary Wesley was a rebellious child, trapped in an existence where she did not trust those who should have protected her.

Naturally impulsive, she awaited an opportunity to express her anger in some mutinous act.


As war clouds gathered in Europe, marriage to an acceptable husband was the only escape from her parents' home for Mary Wesley.

Once the war began, she found release in a London radically changed by the conflict.


Mary Wesley, still married to one man, finds true love with another in anarchic wartime London.


The war is over, but Mary Wesley and her husband Eric find themselves trapped in a more personal conflict with a chillingly persistent stalker.

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When life seems all but over for Mary Wesley: living in extreme poverty, her sons grown up and gone, her beloved husband tragically dead, a novel is finally accepted for publication and she enters her last richly creative years.