Wild Swimming [Drama]


20200807Nell (Aimee-Ffion Edwards) and Oscar (Joseph Tweedale) meet on a deserted beach in Dorset. It’s 1595. Or maybe it’s 1610. Oscar has returned from his first term at university and Nell is bored out her brains. They will meet here, on this same beach, again and again for the next 400 years. Stuff will change, as it does with time. They will try to keep up.

Wild Swimming is a battle of the sexes, an interrogation of privilege and a wilfully ignorant history of English Literature.

Written by Marek Horn, from an original concept by Marek Horn and Julia Head. Produced by multi award-winning director Becky Ripley.

A battle of the sexes and a wilfully ignorant history of English Literature by Marek Horn.

Drama from BBC Radio 4