The writer Joseph Wilde and musician Tim van Eyken take the main roles in their new play 'Wildsong'. Integral to the drama Wilde has written is Tim van Eyken's music, a soundscape composed using recordings made on the Somerset Levels.

Vic leaves the comfort of the city, in search of his brother Reg, last heard of living somewhere in rural Somerset. Their father is dying, and he wants to see his son before the end. Vic's search takes him far into the watery land of the Somerset Levels. Striving to persuade his brother to return, Vic reluctantly shares his life of withy cutting, cider and singing. The place, its life and sounds - its wildsong - begin to change him. But Reg's recalcitrance and Vic's desperation - his own life is not as ordered and secure as he makes out - lead to a dangerous confrontation as, in a violent storm, the Somerset Levels flood.

Director - Julian May.