Wilko's Down Under


Programme Catalogue - Details: Manukau, New Zealand19901017

BBC Programme Number: 90FQ0046

Recorded on 1990-05-17

Producer: J. HALE

Previous in series: MELBOURNE

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Broadcast history

17 Oct 1990 16:05-16:30 (RADIO 4)

08 Jul 1991 19:20-19:45 (RADIO 4)

Programme Catalogue - Details: Melbourne19901010

BBC Programme Number: 90FQ0045

Recorded on 1990-05-10

Producer: J. HALE

Next in series: MANUKAU, NEW ZEALAND

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In the second of six programmes Tony WILKINSON talks to people working on the Melbourne Times and to members of the local community. Produced by Julian HALE.

Subject Categories

documentaries (programme format)

travel and exploration programmes (genre)

newspapers (programmes about) (genre)

melbourne times (australian newspaper)

Broadcast history

10 Oct 1990 16:05-16:30 (RADIO 4)

01 Jul 1991 19:20-19:45 (RADIO 4)


Tony Wilkinson

Julian Hale (Producer)

Programme Catalogue - Station

Radio 4