William Boyd - Brazzaville Beach


0120071022 (BBC7)
20130610 (BBC7)

Hope Clearwater reflects on her life, while she studies wild chimpanzees in Africa. Award-winning novel read by Fiona Shaw."

0220071023 (BBC7)
20130611 (BBC7)

As she researches a community of wild chimpanzees in Africa, Hope sees parallels with her own life. Read by Fiona Shaw."

0320071024 (BBC7)
20130612 (BBC7)

Remembering the past, Hope Clearwater journeys for provisions, until disaster strikes back at the camp. Read by Fiona Shaw."

0420071025 (BBC7)
20130613 (BBC7)

Hope sees chimp violence, but her superior Eugene refuses to believe her. The past still haunts her. Read by Fiona Shaw."

0520071026 (BBC7)
20130614 (BBC7)

Hope tries to understand the violence shown by the chimpanzees, and also recalls John's behaviour. Read by Fiona Shaw."

0620071029 (BBC7)
20130617 (BBC7)

Reflecting on her past, Hope Clearwater stands by her belief about chimps, but her boss threatens the sack. Read by Fiona Shaw."

0720071030 (BBC7)
20130618 (BBC7)

Hope takes Eugene to watch the chimps' behaviour, but she ends up deeply shocked by his reaction. Read by Fiona Shaw."

0820071031 (BBC7)
20130619 (BBC7)

Unexpectedly taken hostage, Hope and Ian get to know their civil war rebel captors. Read by Fiona Shaw."

0920071101 (BBC7)
20130620 (BBC7)

Hope Clearwater is promised an escape from the civil war, but events conspire against her. Read by Fiona Shaw."

10 LAST20071102 (BBC7)
20130621 (BBC7)

Pondering her past and future, Hope Clearwater takes action after she makes a discovery. Concluded by Fiona Shaw."