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The Man Midwife

Born in East Kilbride in 1718. ten years before his brother John. William Hunter combined obstetrics with politics and a passion for high society

A study of the man by lain Hamilton with a postscript from PROFESSOR R. J. KELLAR of Edinburgh and with Norah Mulligan

Mary Riggans , Wallace Campbell Victor Carin , Bill Gavin and Glen Michael

Produced by JOHN GRAY

Broadcast on June 16 on Radio 4


[R4 BD=19680908]

Unknown: John. William Hunter

Unknown: Lain Hamilton

Unknown: Professor R. J. Kellar

Unknown: Norah Mulligan

Unknown: Mary Riggans

Unknown: Wallace Campbell

Unknown: Victor Carin

Unknown: Bill Gavin

Unknown: Glen Michael

Produced By: John Gray

William Hunter: AlexmcCrindle

John Hunter: Bryden Murdoch

Narrator: Ian Gilmour