William Walton (1902-1983), Ischian Labourer


042010020420120209Donald Macleod explores Walton's most difficult years as a composer.

Critical failure was something Walton had long foreseen: after the war came his most difficult years as a composer, although this was tempered by his blissful self-imposed exile, with his new wife, on the Italian island of Ischia.

Troilus and Cressida

Act 2 Sc 1(end of) and 2

Cressida: Judith Howarth

Troilus: Arthur Davies

English Northern Philharmonia

Conductor: Richard Hickox

CHANDOS CHAN 9370/1 Tracks 17-19

Cello Concerto

Cello: Tim Hugh

Conductor: Paul Daniel

NAXOS 8.554325 Tracks 4-6

Symphony No. 2

Last Movement: Passacaglia: Tema-Risoluto

NAXOS 8.553402 Track 7.