Robin Glendinning's black comedy tells the story of a real mystery.

In 1946, the Duke of Windsor (formerly Edward VIII) and his wife (formerly Wallis Simpson) paid a visit to Britain, hoping to secure a government job for the Duke and a title for the Duchess.

During the visit, the Duchess' jewels, worth millions, were stolen.

Conspiracy theories abounded.

Was it an inside job by the Royal Family, or even an insurance fraud by the Duke and Duchess?

Duke of Windsor....Jon Glover
Duchess of Windsor....Christine Kavanagh
Capstick....Christian Rodska
Evans....Chris Yapp
Miss Martin/Mrs Jones/Resident....Amy Clifton
Bevin/Gardener....Alan Moore
Attlee....Paul Humpoletz
Lascelles/Newsreel....David Collins
First Hack....Stephen Perring
Second Hack....Paul Mohan