Winnie The Pooh

Series of three extracts from AA Milne's children's classic, read by Alan Bennett.


0320100519 (BBC7)
20110112 (BBC7)

In which Piglet meets a Heffalump.

Read by Alan Bennett.

0420100520 (BBC7)
20110113 (BBC7)

In which Christopher Robin leads an 'expotition' to the North Pole.

05 LAST20100521 (BBC7)
20110114 (BBC7)

In which Eeyore has a birthday and gets two presents.

Read by Alan Bennett.

AR012009052620100517 (BBC7)
20110110 (BBC7)

Pooh's predilection for honey is first revealed and he gets stuck at Rabbit's place.

In which the bear goes visiting and gets into a tight place.

Read by Alan Bennett.

AR022009052720100518 (BBC7)
20110111 (BBC7)

Pooh goes in search of the Woozle and Eeyore's tail goes missing.

In which the bear and Piglet nearly catch a Wozzle, and Eeyore loses a tail.

Read by Alan Bennett.

AR03 LAST20090528

Pooh spies a heffalump.