The politicians who ruled over us throughout the last half century all had their views and opinions moulded by the experience of fighting, and living through, the Second World War.

In 'Winning The Peace', Sir John Keegan, the Defence Editor of the Daily Telegraph, hears the wartime memories of two Parliamentary veterans, and explores the impact war has had on their private and public lives when they returned from conflict to 'win the peace' in the mundane world of domestic politics.

012004082920040901Over the two programmes, Sir John talks to the former Labour defence secretary, Chancellor and Major in the North African and Italian campaigns of World War Two, Denis, now Lord Healey, and the former Conservative Foreign Secretary, Secretary General of NATO, and tank commander in North West Europe 1944/45, Lord Carrington.
02 LAST2004090520040908Tony Blair, like Clement Attlee, has labour landslide and landmark credentials, but can he, as the winner of the 1945 election sought to do, win the peace?
In the second of two programmes, military historian, Sir John Keegan, examines just how difficult winning the peace is for politicians.
Aided by two parliamentary and military veterans, Lord Healey and Lord Carrington, Sir John also looks at what todays politicians can learn from the Second World War generation.