0101Christmas At Cold Comfort Farm20111219

Christmas Day at the Starkadders is a chaotic affair - especially over the pudding.

0102The Friend Of Man20111220

Tired of London high-life, Pandora Bland sets out to win the man of her dreams.

0103The Murder Mark20111221

Others laugh until Mr Pavey's preoccupation with palmistry helps solve a murder.


Jenny is a perfect example of modern womanhood, until she interviews a suffragette.

0105 LASTGolden Vanity20111223

A day-dreaming librarian is shocked back into the real world by her literary hero.

0201The Night Circus - 120111226

Two young magicians are caught in a dangerous game.

0202The Night Circus - 220111227

The circus recruits a promising young illusionist.

0203The Night Circus - 320111228

Sparks fly between Celia and Marco as their magical game escalates.

0204The Night Circus - 420111229

Celia tries to bring the game to an end without further loss of life.

0205 LASTThe Night Circus - 520111230

The fin-de-siècle circus is at risk, unless a new caretaker can be found.